Cactusmen are large, cactus-like hostile men with thorns shooting out of their hands.

Spawn                                                                                    [edit | edit source]

A cactusman, as shown.

Cactusmen spawn only in the desert. They look like regular cacti at first but when you attack them they turn into a cactusman. Sometimes they spawn naturally.

Drylands: Sometimes they may be seen as a bush in the Drylands. This is a glitch/bug. This has not been fixed.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Cactusmen drop 0-7 thorns upon death. They have a 10% chance of dropping a Sharpclaw. When set on fire they will drop burning thorns, or an  AshClaw. When picking up an ashclaw, touching it will set you on fire. You have to let cool down for a few minutes before you pick it up.

They drop 6-10 experience when killed.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Cactusmen spawn at day OR night. They do not burn in sunlight. If they make contact with snow, they will die from the cold. If they see a player, they will do anything to get a close enough range to attack. They are extremely dumb and will fall in lava, walk in snow, or get stuck in a wall just to get close enough to shoot it's thorns at you. When they get a good range they start shooting their spikes at you. If the cactus accidently shoots a mob, for example a Spider, the mob will start attacking the Cactusman, avoiding you. If the Cactusman is wearing a Ice Helmet, they will not die in snow.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They can see you through mirrors and will shoot at you but it will bounce off, therefore killing themselves.
  • Cactusmen will sometimes spawn with a Rainbow Spider on their back, therefore making a passive Spider Jockey.
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