A Potion of Awesomeness is a potion that gives you all the potion effects for a long time, therefore making it the most powerful potion in the game. They are extremely valuable and expensive to craft. They are made unlike any potion in the game. You need the Claw's tooth, the Cactusman's Ashclaw/Sharpclaw, and the Cloud fish's Fluffinator. The potion is rare and might sometimes not work. This is not considered a glitch because you can get all the items' again. It's also obtained on rare occasions by killing a Rainbow Spider

Rainbow potion

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The potion itself is multicolored, meaning it changes it's color rapidly. The bottle itself is red and white or black and blue, depending on if you use a Sharpclaw or a Ashclaw. If you use an Ashclaw it will be black and blue, and if you use a Sharpclaw it will be red and white.

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