Rainbow spiderEdit

The Rainbow spider is a passive mob, unlike it's counterpart, the normal Spider. They spawn rarely, usually in small groups of normal spiders at night. But their colorful colors make them easy to see in the large groups of spiders. If you attack them at night, all the spiders in the group will become aggresive, and attack you. But the Rainbow Spider will just stay, because it's still passive. If killed, they will drop Rainbow string and on occasions, a Potion Of Awesomeness. They are an inch bigger than the normal Spider.                      


The rainbow Spider, as shown.



  •   You can easily spot the Rainbow Spider if you lose it, because it always leaves a trail of rainbows where ever it goes.
  • Unlike the regular spider, they use rainbow string to climb things.
  • They make the Nyan Cat noise, but instead of mew mew mew mew it's hiss hiss hiss hiss
  • You can see through them
  • If you spawn a skeleton on these, they will be upside down and the skeleton will be passive.
  • You can get these by dyeing a spider with all the dyes
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